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Your one stop solution for demolitions.


We ensure our clients get the top quality demolition services that we will provide as we guarantee satisfaction for every project. Here are some of our basic services.

Controlled Demolition

We provide controlled demolition of your needs. We will ensure the demolition will be safe as we will carefully measure and calculate with precision in order to maintain the integrity of the building.

Disposal Services

We provide a solution for the demolition disposal services. As demolishing would create construction debris, our contractors will ensure that the debris are properly disposed off. 

Hacking Services

We provide hacking services such as hacking of wall and floor. Our contractors will ensure the integrity of the building would not be compromised.  We also provide layering of cement to cover up the hacking job to maintain the aesthetics of the apartment.


Sunpeak Construction Company is a contractor company specialising in anything construction related. With over 20 years experience under our belt, we not only specialised in construction but we are also specialised in demolition works. 

We have helped many of our customers expand their offices, apartments or just simply demolishing their showroom.  


Here are some past projects that we have demolished safely and successfully.


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